Kat & Mouse: Web & Graphic Design by Katherine Leonard
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This Was Actually A SelfieMy name is Katherine Leonard, and I confess to being a goofball. I love bad puns, corny jokes, cat memes, and Oxford commas, and occasionally find humor in things I probably shouldn’t. My levity carries over into my work at times, but make no mistake:

I take design seriously.

(But not too seriously.)

This site showcases design work spanning my academic and professional career. I’ve taken the time to tell you a little about each piece, and hope you’ll enjoy exploring my growth and history in design!

Looking for a downloadable portfolio or resume? <– Try these PDFs.


Q. Can I hire you for a freelance project?

A. Maybe! Tell me about your project, and we’ll see how I can help.


Q. Can I hire you full-time?

A. Maybe… Send me an email so we can talk about it.


Q. Can I hire you part-time?

A. Maybe… Send me an email so we can talk about it.


Q. How do you do those things that you do?

A. Practice and caffeine. Mostly practice, of course, but caffeine helps. (So does chocolate.)

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