Information Design: MBTA Train Schedule

Schedule folded

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The "inside" of the grayscale schedule, with the inbound routes folded over top of the outbound; note that the station information remains the same, but there is a shift in the route information to indicate from which direction the schedule should be read.

Task: Design a new train schedule for the Providence-Stoughton line of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, giving attention to ease of use, portability, and cost of reproduction.

Process: Coming from a region which has very little public transportation, the first challenge was learning how a train schedule would actually be used. Noting that the original train schedule format contained redundant information regarding the stations, I designed a schedule which could fold over to use the same page for station information.

As costs were also a significant consideration, I chose only a single process color and tints. A black-and-white version could be used for photocopying, and two entire schedules can be reproduced on a single sheet of legal (full bleed) or letter (no bleed) paper.

Employer: Student project

Skills: Problem solving, research, typography


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