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My name is Katherine Leonard, and I confess to being a goofball. I love bad puns, corny jokes, cat memes, and Oxford commas. I’m a grammarian and a typography snob, and I occasionally find humor in things I probably shouldn’t. My levity carries over into my work at times, but make no mistake:

I take design seriously.

(But not too seriously.)


Q. Can I hire you for a freelance project?

A. Maybe! Give me a few details about your project, and we’ll see how I can help.


Q. Can I hire you full-time?

A. Nope.


Q. Can I hire you part-time?

A. Probably not; I’m looking for freelance projects only at this time. Send me an email if you think you can make it an offer I can’t refuse.


Q. How do you do those things that you do? It looks like magic!

A. It is magic! But mostly practice. And caffeine. (And chocolate.)