Book Design: April Greiman Ordered Chaos

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Task: Research and write a biography on a given graphic design pioneer (April Greiman) covering significant work and impact on graphic design.

Process: Despite the fact that we both have a strong interest in pushing the boundaries of technology in graphic design, April Greiman and I have little else in common. When it came to designing an entire book to complement her vivid New Wave style, I had to throw out my usual orderly grids and columns and just go with what “felt right” for the page.

A fractal is an often-beautiful pattern created by repeated permutations of a mathematical equation or geometric form. Using special software, I created a fractal for the cover, as that seemed to me the perfect Balance between Greiman’s technological interests and free-form stylings. The 83-page book was self-published in perfect-bound paperback by

Employer: Student project

Skills: Copy writing, digital image manipulation, research, typography


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