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Website: Doug’s Auto Recyclers


URL: Doug’s Auto Recyclers

Task: Design a website for Doug’s Auto Recyclers, a full-service salvage yard in Coldwater, Michigan

Process: The web servers for Car-Part do not permit server-side scripting, so making a very large website with a dozen or more pages to it can result in a lot of wasted time making sure all of the pages are consistent. The solution: an old “includes” method called SHTML, which allows a static website to be broken up into multiple components!

The yard also wanted to be able to maintain their own scrap pricing list. Since no one at the yard possessed strong web design skills and there was no WYSIWYG back-end interface for the site, I created a JSON file which the customer could edit in Notepad and upload to the server, and my jQuery functions would handle outputting the contents of the file to the page. 

The guys at Doug’s had a professional photographer friend who owed them a favor, and the resulting photo shoot produced a number of gorgeous images. Since not all of the images were suitable for the marquee at the top (and who wants a 27-image slideshow, anyway?), I created a simple randomizer function that chooses one image from an array to display in the sidebar of the page.

As with all Car-Part websites, the mockup was created in Illustrator, and the rest of the website was hand-coded. There are also multiple required elements present in the layout.

Employer: Car-Part.com

Skills: Web development, responsive design, SHTML, Javascript/jQuery, JSON tables


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