Web & Interactive Design

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Mobile UI: Lexmark™ Mobile Tech


Task: Work with a development team to create a web-based mobile application which would allow field service technicians to access an interactive service manual for Lexmark machines.

Process: Before I came aboard, the development team had already made some decisions regarding the programming languages to be used in the development of this web application. The use of jQuery Mobile API introduced a few quirks to the design process, but the real challenge for this job was making the layout responsive: it had to work on mobile screens as small as the original iPhone 3 (320px wide) or as large as the newest Android tablets (2048px+).

By the time my internship had concluded, I had made the design responsive to screens as small as only 240px wide!

Employer: Lexmark International

Skills: Digital image manipulation, responsive design, vector illustration, web development


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Photoshop
Web Development
Responsive Design