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Website: PAWS Agility

PAWS Agility

URL: PAWS Agility

Task: Overhaul an existing static site and redevelop it on a content management system for easier use. The client wanted to be able to write announcements and updates, post her own pictures and videos, and maintain a calendar of events.

Process: My first project solely in WordPress, PAWS Agility came to me by way of a friend in Maine who knew a lady in Texas who needed some web design work. Although not my most-distant project, there were defi nitely a few challenges involved in the long-distance communication.

Not only did I have to learn how to code templates for a new CMS, this job also required some custom programming of the calendar plugin used, as it did not have certain needed functions by default. I then had to teach my client how to make updates to the site herself!

Employer: Freelance

Skills: Digital image manipulation, vector illustration, web development, WordPress theme design


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Photoshop
Web Development